Woo Hoo!! It’s finally here!!

It is with the excitement of a puppy being freed from his kennel first thing in the morning (more on that later) that I get to announce that my new website ShuffleDesignsStudio.com will be up and running on September 9, 2021!!

What does that mean for you? Well, to celebrate you can shop my website from September 9-14 and receive 25% off your order with a minimum purchase of 2 items!!

There are lots of new items available, especially for fall. My hope is that you will find some cards to encourage someone with or a print to brighten your home or someone else’s.

The new website is very exciting for me.  I had a different website a year ago that just was not working well. Due to a number of issues with the host that we couldn’t seem to get resolved, we shut it down and started over with a more reliable host. While that sounds like a simple process, it has been anything but simple. To say I am excited to share my new site with you is an understatement!

My new corner of the inter webs is a bright, cheery, and colorful place stocked with my creations. A place where I am being me and the world will adjust. I hope you will check it out! If you do check it out perhaps your day will be just a little brighter by being there. That would make me really happy!

Check out all the variety of cards and prints, with many more to come!


Keep on being you,







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