Hand Drawn Cards

I draw or paint all my cards and prints on an Ipad Pro.  Each design is original.  My inspiration comes from nature, places I’ve traveled, color combinations that catch my eye and textures I find interesting.  When you send one of these cards you’re sending a small piece of artwork as encouragement to someone you know and care about.



Personal Consulting


With training and experience in interior design, I’ve been able to assist people in choosing colors, accessories and artwork to make their home, or office, reflect who they are.  The focus is on you and your interests, to help you achieve your goals.

Experienced Staging


I enjoy arranging retail space to provide insightful visibility to the products and services you wish to showcase. I also have experience in staging single rooms and entire homes for special seasons.  Perhaps you need to sell your house.  I can make suggestions, or entirely stage it to promote an enticing sale.