Birth Of Shuffle Designs studio

A Short And Interesting History

by Cheryl Gates

BFA, Interior and Environmental Design
Ball State University, 1983

Having grown up in a home that was constantly evolving in its decorating, I developed an appreciation for ALL THINGS DECORATING at an early age! 

My mom, June, was always sewing new curtains, stripping, re-staining, repainting and rearranging furniture,  Most of it came from garage sales. It was fascinating to watch her and observe the enjoyment she derived from her projects.

My mother was not a morning person!  She was not to be bothered until she had her first cup of coffee.  Mom not only shuffled her furniture around, she also developed a unique manner of “shuffling” to and from the coffee pot in the mornings that we affectionately called the  “June-Bug Shuffle!”

Out of these fond memories and a desire to help people create homes they truly love, ”Shuffle Designs” was born!